Scandinavia 165

The Scandinavia series is highly appraised by the car audio enthusiast community and has been designed with the focus to create the most natural reproduction of music in a car environment. The balanced drive magnet structure used in the Scandinavia drivers shares technique with some real High-End home audio brands.

Scandinavia 165 16cm (6,5”) is specially designed for competition and high demands use in 2-way configurations. The speaker parameters make it perfect as a mid-bass that reaches up to meet a high-quality tweeter and the extreme audio performance with transparent and clear sound makes it a winner in every Pro installation. The balanced drive magnet structure with a fiberglass cone body gives extremely low distortion with astonishing imaging and staging capabilities. Scand-165 is optimized for door panel mount but can also be used in sealed boxes of 9 litre (0,31 cuft).

Description / type 6,5″ mid bass driver
Outer diameter 165 mm / 6,5″
Impedance 4 ohm
Recommended amplifier 50 – 200 Watt
Frequency range 50-4500 Hz
Fs – Resonant frequency 61 Hz
Sensitivity 91,9 dB
Mounting hole 140 mm / 5,51″
Mounting depth 65 mm / 2,56″

T/S parameters
single V/C
Fs 61 Hz Hz Re 3,3 Ohm Qms 15,6
Vas 10,2 liter Vas 0,36 Cuft Qes 0,55
Qts 0,54 Sd 131 cm² BL 6,

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