Scandcase 3 – 40

At DLS we know that even if you have the best available sources to have the very best sound you need to have absolute control over the reproduction devices.

As speakers are put together from different materials, there is a normal variance between each single unit. Most manufacturers do not have the capability to scientifically measure all individual units they produce, and others simply do not care. Some might say the variances between different drivers from a high-quality producer is not so critical, but for those who demand the absolute best there are no shortcuts.

To celebrate DLS 40-year anniversary we therefore have made something exquisite out of our top level SCANDCASE 3 3-way set.

For a very limited quantity of the Scandinavia SCANDCASE 3-40, our factory has performed advanced individual measurement and listening tests of every single driver. The test results are then matched in pairs and delivered in a special Aluminum case.


3-way 6.5” extreme competition class speaker kit
Frequency range 50 Hz – 30 kHz
Bass: matched pairs of Scandinavia 165Wi
Midrange: matched pairs of Scandinavia 75
Tweeter: matched pairs of Scandinavia 30
Crossover: Scandinavia XO-3 Audiophile High grade for semi active 12/12dB with ribbon air coils and 2 step tweeter level select switch

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