12” subwoofer

The Reference series is developed for
real music lovers. Filled with innovative
solutions, delivering a warm and embracing sound.

• True sound quality 12” subwoofer optimized for
vented enclosures.

• Black anodized aluminium cone and dual stacked
premium ferrite magnet motor in perfect balance.

• Highly conductive aluminium shorting ring brings
reduced inductance and distortion for a very
detailed sub-bass reproduction.

• Dual 2 Ohm copper wire voice coils on non-
magnetic TIL former for best musicality. Versatile
1 or 4 Ohm configuration options.

• Classic DLS custom die-cast basket with full venti-
lation and heavy duty push terminals for large size
speaker wires.


Fs: 25Hz
Re: 3.8 (1.9+1.9) Ohm
Qms: 4.29
Qes: 0.34
Qts: 0.31
Cms: 0.22m/N
Mms: 176.6g
Bl: 16.4
Vas: 80.3L
SD: 510cm2
Xmax: ±11 mm
Vd: 1.67L

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